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XVI School of Volunteering (Autumn School) - International Meeting, 8th and 9th of September 2011 in Madrid (Spain)

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Why this year?

This year is especially exciting and important for the Spanish Volunteering Platform (PVE) as we are celebrating our 25th Year Anniversary and it is also the European Year of Volunteering as well as the UN IYV+10. For that reason we want to celebrate this happy coincidence with an International Meeting that gives our School of Volunteering an international perspective to emphasize the importance of solidarity across borders, while stressing the recognition of volunteering as a universal fact.

Which is all part of the European Year of Volunteering (EYV 2011), whose objectives are: To create an enabling and facilitating environment for volunteering in the EU; To empower volunteer organizations and improve the quality of volunteering; To reward and recognize volunteering activities; and To raise awareness of the value and importance of volunteering.

What are our objectives?

We want our School to be framed into three dimensions: knowledge, recognition and internationalism. We have these objectives for this year:

  • To Foster the recognition of volunteering as a social agent.
  • To sensitize on how important volunteering is for a critical and active citizenship.
  • To widen the citizenship knowledge of volunteering.
  • To learn about the structure and characteristics of volunteering as an international movement.
  • To learn and discuss on different models of social participation at an international level.
  • To create space for sharing where volunteers all over Spain and other countries will meet, participate and share their knowledge and experiences.

When & where?

Our XVI Autumn School will be held on the 8th and 9th of September 2011 in Madrid (Spain). The exact location will be communicated in August.

No fees are needed to register and participate. It is totally free. However there are not travel-grants to fly to Spain or free accommodation in Madrid neither. We will try to help you finding budget accommodation if you need so.

If you want to participate you must fulfill a registration form at: (look for "Escuela de Otoño")

Provisional program: XVI Autumn School of Volunteering – International Meeting

For further information please contact: Clara Guilló at Tel. +34.91 541 14 66 (from 08:30 to 15:00 local time)

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